1. More details (International)- IYSIE Notes (int)
  2. More Details ( National ) – IYSIE Notes (national)

Guide for Abstract

 Abstract should not exceed one A4 page.

  • Font Size Times New Roman 12.
  • Abstract should include :
    • Project Title
    • Participant’s Name
    • Institution/ Organisation / school / Country
    • Email
    • Introduction / summary of the project
    • Conclusion
    • Keywords

Example : 


Participant1, Participant2

Institution or school or Organisation & Country



Summary of the project


Keywords : Word1, Word2, Word3

Guide for Conference

  1. Each presenter have will present their project in a theatre hall plan.
  2. Each Category will be judge by 3-4 judges.
  3. Presenter should present their project / research in PowerPoint format for 7-10 minutes.  Followed by 5 minutes Q & A by the judges.
  4. Each project can be presented by maximum two person.

Guide for Exhibition (Poster & Prototype)

  • Please set up your poster & prototype according to your assigned number for your presentation at the booths provided.
  • Please stand in front of your poster & exhibition as schedulled
  • The juries will inspect your posters and prototype.
  • Be prepared for any Q & A by the juries.

* Student who doesn’t bring along his product or prototype must have his/hers posters.

** All exhibits must comply with airline regulations, the customs of both countries, and both national legislation

Suggested guideline for preparing Standard Scientific Poster

  1. Prepare your poster and print it to the size A1 (594mm x 841mm) portrait in advance.
  2. The contents:

 2.1       Title     – with author names underneath, followed by names of associated institutions

2.2       Abstract – briefly summarize your search results

2.3       Introduction    – provide brief background for your research

2.4       Materials and Methods or Experiments – describe materials, equipment and your experimental process which led to your results

2.5       Results and Discussion- describe the results of your experiment and to explain your results   with a short but solid justification of your hypothesis

2.6       Conclusions     – provide the reader with a conclusion of your results

2.7       References or Literature Cited – list all relevant literature you have used in your   project

2.8       Acknowledgements    – thank any person(s) who have helped with your project

2.9       Contact Information   – provide your contact information

*Each group / project will be given a table size 100cm x 60cm.

**Power point (plug) will be given upon request by the participants.